S&R Evermay supports talented individuals in the arts, sciences, and social entrepreneurship, especially those demonstrating transformative social impact in an ever-changing world through innovation and interdisciplinarity.

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Evermay Visionaries is a 12-month professional development and grant program that provides $50,000 in funding to an organization to support early career stage women to gain an opportunity to be the primary investigator/author on a research project and to break through to the next stage in their career.

This program is provided by S&R Evermay, a non-profit foundation with the mission to promote transformative societal impact for this generation and the next. S&R Evermay encourages individuals in the greater Washington, DC area, and other strategic locations, to collaboratively develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Full-time employees of S&R's Visionary Program partner organization(s) who meet the eligibility criteria shared by your home institution, are welcome to apply. S&R’s independent selection committee will review applications and select three fellows. Your home institution will receive $50,000 in funding per fellow that fellows can use towards research funding. In addition to funding, fellows will receive training in relevant skill areas and have access to office, event, and meeting space at Evermay, S&R’s HQ, to conduct and disseminate this research. S&R aims to provide space and time for our fellows to build community with peers and senior researchers across organizations. 

Required application materials: CV and/or resume, personal statement (not to exceed 500 words), reference letter from a supervisor, up to four-page concept note to include all figures, references, project title, goals, timeline, budget*, potential impact and expected outcomes during the 12-month period of the program. 

*Must include percentage of required indirect costs at your home organization.

Program Timeline (subject to change at S&R's discretion)
Application & Selections:
May 15, 2024 - Application Opens
June 15, 2024 - Application Closes
July - August 2024 - Selection Period
August 2024 - The grant year and programming will begin. The T&C will be signed during this period and the funding will be disbursed within 30 days from the signing of the T&C which may go into September.
Project year from September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2025*

*Note that the Fellowship itself will be slightly longer than one year to include an event that will take place in September 2025 for fellows to share their project findings/progress. 

General notes on the program elements:

  • Social hours will be held at Evermay and scheduled in collaboration with fellows. There will be no more than one social hour per month and they will also be scheduled based on the availability of invitees and the venue. 
  • Trainings will be during work hours, but scheduled in collaboration with fellows. There will be no more than one or two training sessions per month and there will be a quiet period without any training sessions. 
  • Check-ins are one-to-ones between individual fellows and program staff to gain a sense of how the program is going. These will most likely be virtual via Zoom, but can also be conducted in person at the fellows request. 
  • Events - Exact date for the joint 2024 cohort Welcome event and 2023 cohort closing event will be determined in collaboration with fellows schedules; however, we anticipate that this event will take place in mid-late September 2024.  


S&R Evermay