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Applicants should submit their materials by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. If you have technical issues or are not able to complete the application, please email j.ney@sandr.org. Extensions could be granted for extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis. 

The Washington Award has one prize category: the Cash Prize ($15,000). Please note there is no Fillmore Studios Prize for 2024. Artists who apply for the Cash Prize will be assessed on the same equally weighted criteria: Artistic Quality and Innovation, Social Impact, and Career Development.

Application Timeline:

April 30-May 3: Once the application period closes on April 30, each application that is received for the Washington Award is reviewed by S&R Evermay team members to determine application eligibility. Please note, no application assessments are made by S&R Evermay staff. 

May 8-June 16: The Washington Award Selection Committee has five weeks to complete their independent assessments. For each award category, there are two subject area experts and one non-expert assessing applications. Applications are scored against the three equally weighted criteria.

June 16-June 22: Selection Committee members meet to put forward their top candidates and make award selections for the Cash Prize and Fillmore Studios Prize. 

June 22-July 3: If you have been awarded, you will be contacted by S&R Evermay staff to inform you of your prize. All unsuccessful candidates will also be notified out the outcome of their applications during this week. 

July 3: Washington Award winners will be publicly announced. The date of the Award ceremony and any associated events will be decided after the public announcement, to be determined at some point in September. 

Eligibility Requirements:

·  Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

·  Applicant must not be enrolled in a degree granting program. 

·  Applicants for the Washington Award must be residents of Washington DC.

·  Applicant must demonstrate their commitment to an artistic career in music, dance, visual arts, or interdisciplinary practice. 

·  Applications must be received by the application deadline. 

All applications must include the following:

·  A completed application form.

·  The applicant’s biography, and CV

·  The required material submissions.

·  Two references (include name, phone number, and email address). These references should be professionals involved in or associated with your discipline who can speak to your artistic practice.

·  The required Artistic Statement (written or submitted as a video or audio recording).

The Washington Award Selection Committee will not return entry materials nor assume responsibility for the material submitted.  Please read Terms & Conditions and FAQ before applying.


Within this application there are step-by-step instructions to assist artists as they apply. If you have questions that are not covered within the application or the Washington Award website materials, please contact: 

Program Consultant Jeremy Ney: j.ney@sandr.org 

Program Director Mary Ryan: m.ryan@sandr.org

We wish you the best of luck with your application to the 2024 Washington Award!

S&R Evermay Team

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.